Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Citizens For Honest Fighter Pilots Call On Bush to Explain His Military Record

Evelyn Pringle August 11, 2004

Questions about Bush's military service would likely be history if not for the new attacks on Kerry's war record by the latest Republican hit squad of "Truthful Vets." But, by the way it looks now, we will be comparing the military records of the candidates right up to election day.

Therefore, my newly formed group, "Citizens For Honest Fighter Pilots," hereby calls on Bush to explain his whereabouts and activities for the period of time he was AWOL, and for him to repay the quarter of a million tax dollars wasted on his fighter pilot training.

As a member of "Citizens for Honest Fighter Pilots," I want to remind voters that while Kerry was in Vietnam, doing whatever it was that the "Truthful Vets" imply he was doing over there, Bush was an AWOL, suspended fighter pilot, roaming around somewhere in between Alabama and Texas.

Nobody seems to know which State of the Union Bush was in or what shape he was in. Also, not one of the 700 members at the Alabama unit where he claims he served, remembers serving with him.

As for Kerry's whereabouts, we at least have him pinned down to a certain river in a jungle in Vietnam, and according to "Truthful Vets," he was in pretty good shape. Everyone remembers seeing him there, too.

Bush's records on the other hand, contain no explanation for his bizarre behavior during the last 18 months he was in the Guard, when he failed to show up for a yearly physical, got suspended from flying, and went for five months without attending a single drill.

While Bush swears he attended drills in Alabama, nobody has produced a single record to document his attendance.

Kerry is definitely the smartest of the two candidates, because, according to the "Truthful Vets," he somehow conned the military into awarding him five medals for bravery. And despite being in the swamps of Vietnam, Kerry's records show exactly where he was on any given date.

Somehow I don't think Kerry volunteered to go to Vietnam because he heard it was a fun place to party. He went and served in that hell-hole at a time when other young men looked for every way on earth not to. That fact alone makes John Kerry a war hero.

Evelyn Pringle
Miamisburg, OH

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