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Citizens For Honest Fighter Pilots May Have Answer to Bush AWOL Questions

Evelyn Pringle August 16, 2004

Citizens for Honest Fighter Pilots has been monitoring the truth or falsity of statements made by John O'Neill, and members of his group, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (AKA Lying Idiots), as they swooped across the airwaves on countless cable news programs this past week.

After reviewing the comments made by these liars, and in view of the compulsive, pathological lying that Bush engages in on a daily basis, I can't help but wonder if it comes natural for Texans to lie about whatever, whenever. They seem to have no shame.

It's easy to see why that sweet little Dixie Chick is so embarrassed that Bush comes from her home state. Bush and his gang do give Texas a bad name.

After listening to those guys ramble off lie after lie about John Kerry on the "reputable" cable news channels (giving steady publicity to the lies) for a solid week, Citizens has decided to go pubic with a story about Bush from a source that we deem every bit as credible as John O'Neill, and his band of Truthful Vets. In fact, our source is more credible because at least our source heard the story first-hand with his/her own ears.

Of course we fully realize that a story released by Citizens could never reach the millions upon millions of voters that watch CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. But just the same, we will attempt to get the story out to as many people as possible before the election.

The source provides an answer to our questions put forth to Bush, that have so far gone unanswered, which are: (1) where was Bush while he was AWOL for 5 months? (2) why did he fail to show up for his annual flight physical? and (3) why don't any of his fellow guardsmen remember him at the Alabama base.

To make sure that Citizens is not accused of putting its own spin on the revelations, the story is printed verbatim below:

"Ms. Pringle,

When the Bush-AWOL/deserter scandal first erupted months ago, I overheard [well, the person was talking loudly, so how could I help but hear?] an aide to a radical conservative congressperson run down exactly what happened to create this situation:

Bush was 'acting inappropriately' on the base in Texas, then was picked up on a DUI for alcohol and marijuana. In order to 'create a break in the record,' he was shipped off to Alabama for rehab. That is why he never showed up for his Guard duty - he was in reahb. That also refutes the spin that he had gone there to work on a congressional campaign [note: the campaign workers have said he only appeared at headquarters a few times, and they called him the 'souffle' because of the 'hot air' he spewed when he did show up].

The aide said Bush's advisors told him to keep this a secret. The aide did not agree with this advice. 'If he would reveal the truth now, it would be front page for a few weeks, back page for a few weeks, then disappear. But if it comes out closer to elections, there will be no time to spin it or overcome its damage. This, combined with Cheney's support for the Kurds would damage the campaign. Bush's AWOL and Cheney's support of Kurds may seem a non sequitur, but the aide apparently did not think so.

I have heard this aide discuss various issues - he is a wonk, a nerd who researches ad boredom, and does not seem to say something unless he knows it to factual and true from what he has learned from his studies.

Various journalists and groups have discussed Bush's alcohol and drug usage, and have discussed his AWOL - but they have not put the two together to create a thread to follow. They have asked 'where was he?' but have not investigated rehab in Alabama."

After receiving this information, I interviewed the source by phone. The story that he/she told sounded believable to me. Or, at least as believable as any of the statements made by the Honest Swift Boat Vets to the entire world over the past week.

Who knows, after reading this tip, maybe someone with investigative tools at their disposal will follow up and check out a few southern rehab centers. Which is the reason our source gave for sending the information to Citizens in the first place.

While on the phone with the source, I garnered more details about the story, that if made public, would definitely lead to the outing of the source. Therefore, being my last name is not Novak, that information is not included in this article.

He/She is reluctant to be identified, and for good reason, considering the fact that James Hatfield -- the last person to go public about Bush's drug use -- was found alone and dead in a motel room allegedly due to a drug overdose.

Hey what can I say? A suspicious suicide of a Bush-bashing guy named Hatfield is obviously not as important as a suicide by a guy named Foster. To my knowledge, there was no official investigation into Hatfield's death. But one thing is for sure, his book writing days about Bush came to an abrupt halt.

Having said all that, maybe I should start thanking my lucky stars that I'm not 6 feet under yet, or in the alternative, that Citizen's For Honest Fighter Pilots doesn't have a forwarding address in Cuba by now.

Evelyn Pringle
Miamisburg, OH

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