Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Citizens For Honest Fighter Pilots Wants Lying Swift Boat Vets Arrested Who Vouched For Kerry When He Was Awarded Medals

Evelyn Pringle August 30, 2004

Official Naval records obtained by members of the various media organizations, reveal that several members of the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth actually wrote the reports and recommendations that led to Kerry being awarded his 5 medals. Some even wrote the citations that accompany the medals.

In light of this fact, I think somebody needs to tell these guys that they can't have it both ways. They either falsified war-time events in official military records, reports and citations 35 years ago in Vietnam; or they are lying now and destroying the honorary military service records of not only John Kerry, but of all the other men who served with Kerry, many of whom received their own medals for their actions in the same battles.

In effect, they have attacked the integrity of the Navy itself, and its process for awarding medals to soldiers for heroic action in combat.

So, which is it? Were they lying back then or are they lying now?

I think its safe to say that either way, such conduct would be illegal and would represent a grave breach of the military code of conduct.

Maybe its time for some of these lying criminals to be arrested, or in the alternative court-marshaled.

Evelyn Pringle
Miamisburg, OH
Founder of Citizens for Honest Fighter Pilots

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