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No Bush Left Behind Act - Uncle Bucky Bush

Evelyn Pringle January 26, 2005

Wherever there’s a buck to be made by scamming tax payers, a member of the Bush family is sure be close at hand. Many Bush relatives are benefiting financially from the war in Iraq, and according to regulatory filings, Uncle William (Bucky) Bush has not been left behind.

In 2000, while nephew George W Bush was running for president, Bucky fell into good fortune and joined the board of directors of Engineered Support Systems (ESS), which just happened to be a major military contractor.

Uncle Bucky is also a Bush "Pioneer" in good standing, which means he raised over $100,000 for Jr's campaigns in the year 2000 and 2004 elections, according to Margie Burns on Information ClearingHouse (2/22/04).

Bucky came on board at ESS at exactly the right time. Since the 2000 election and September 11, 2001, ESS's revenues have greatly increased and its stock prices have soared, according an article by Burns, in the Jan 13, 2003 Prince William George's Journal.

As luck would have it, as a director of the company, Bucky not only receives a monthly consulting fee, he also holds stock options. And he has exercised those options. In January 2003, prior to the Iraq war, Bucky only owned 33,750 shares of stock, but as of January 2004, he owned 56, 251 shares, according to ICH. Not a bad haul for one year.

By 2003, ESS held contracts with every branch of the military. In fact, according George's Journal, the company did so well that it made it onto the Department of Defense's list of the top 100 contractors. In 2001, it held $330 million in government contracts. And it just kept getting better and better. In 2002 ESS held $380 million in contracts, and in 2003 it was awarded close to $400 million.

In another stroke of luck (the Bush's are the luckiest family to ever hit Washington), ESS just happened to manufacture Field Deployable Environmental Control Units (Says Russ Mitchell, in Smart Money), and on January 17, 2003, the company announced that it had a large order for these units, complete with Nuclear Biological Chemical Kits, to be used in the hunt for (as we know now) the non-existent WMDs.

On January 28, 2003, Jr gave his State of the Union address, including his now famous bogus allegation that Saddam was actively seeking nuclear weapon materials from Africa. In hindsight, maybe that was an advertisement for Bucky's products.

Come to think about it, how many tax dollars did we waste on that wild goose chase?

On March 25, 2003, Bush asked Congress for supplemental funding "to cover military operations, relief and reconstruction activities in Iraq, and ongoing operations in the global war on terrorism."

And low and behold in another coincidence, the very next day ESS announced that it had received a very large order of its Chemical Biological Protected Shelter systems from the Army.

And the good luck didn't end there. ICH says that on May 1, 2003, ESS announced that it had acquired the subsidiary, TAMSCO, coincidentally again I'm sure, on the exact same day that Jr made his TV flight-suit appearance on the aircraft carrier and declared "mission accomplished."

The very next week, TAMSCO revealed that it had begun technology support for US Army logistics operations in the Middle East, noted Burns.

I'll tell you right now, if I was as lucky as Bucky I'd spend every day at a bingo hall.

More than ever, it looks like Bush planned to invade Iraq before he won the White House, and one thing is indisputable, the war is filling the family coffers and will continue to do so for many years to come.

The documented track record of ESS and Uncle Bucky is only a symbol of the larger pattern in which Bush family members and close associates are sharing the financial benefits generated by Jr's grand war profiteering scheme.

What I find amazing, is that after droning on endlessly about Whitewater (a failed land deal involving $150,000), for 8 years during the Clinton years, now that Jr and his gang are ripping tax payers off for $100s of billions at a crack, the average person doesn't even realize it because the media isn't doing it's job of educating Americans about what is going on in our government.

I think the citizens deserve know which politicians in the Republican controlled Congress participated in passing the "Leave No Bush Behind Act of 2001," by turning a blind eye and playing deaf and dumb for the last 4 years.

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